TCB  Buys & Sells New or Used Store Fixtures, Supermarket Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Walk-In Coolers, and Gondola Shelving.
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Gondola Shelving
Cleaning Procedures for all types of metal shelving

Each part such as shelves, base, decks, top, middle, and bottom rails will have all tags. Stickers or any type of foreign material removed. We will clean these parts with
Lacquer thinner.


TCB will paint each piece with Lacquer bare paint of your choice of color.

Building your runs

For example a 12' run with end caps will be on one pallet. If your store has five runs, each pallet will be numbered 1 of 1 thru 5.

We will send you a packing slip that will give you a total part list. We refer to this as our pull sheet.

We will send instructions from the manufacturer on how to assemble the brand of gondola you have purchased.


We will weigh each pallet to give you the exact weight.

For Bulk Orders (100 sections or more)

You will receive 100 shelves per pallet, 100 base decks per pallet up to 140 upright (posts) per double pallet. The uprights will be banded four times to the pallets to insure they will remain secure in transit. 100 pieces of pegboard per pallet. Rails will be stacked together on a pallet of its own.

Bill of Lading

Your order will be broken down to each part so you may see that we have shipped each part to equal your order