TCB  Buys & Sells New or Used Store Fixtures, Supermarket Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Walk-In Coolers, and Gondola Shelving.
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Refurbishment Agreement
Disassembly: Cases are fully disassembled.

Cleaning: Stripped cases and parts are steam cleaned by hand to remove all foreign material.

Electrical Inspection: Fans, lights, and heaters are thoroughly tested and inspected for proper working order. Any and all parts not passing test are replaced. Wiring is inspected for damage and replaced if necessary. All electrical leads are tagged for proper installation.

Refrigeration: Coils in all cases are pressure tested at 100 PSI, with nitrogen to assure a leak free coil. Expansion valves.

Repaint: All painted surfaces (interior and exterior) of each re painted or replaced. Ends are mounted on cases per customers order. All painted areas are sanded and primed to insure a quality finish. Primed surfaces are painted to colors of customers request using a high graded acrylic enamel. All pans, racks, and shelves are replaced if necessary and re painted to match interior cases.

Reassembly: Cases are reassembled using new chrome specified in purchase agreement. New light bulbs installed, enclosed in new shatter proof Texan covers. Thermometers are checked, replaced if needed and re installed.

Detail: Each case is braced for shipment when applicable. All parts and trim are secured inside to prevent damage in shipping. The cases are then cleaned by hand and wrapped in plastic.

Note: These are standard procedures for refurbishment of all cases. Changes in these procedures can be made at customers request.