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UBS System
TCB Liquidators Inc., is now recruiting agents that have actively participated in the on site liquidation industry. TCB has created a program called the "UBS SYSTEM". The purpose of this system is to generate leads regarding information on up and coming inventory buy outs, on-site sales, pack jobs, and end customers searching for furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

TCB has created an opportunity for you to receive a percentage or discretionary finders fee just by knowing who wants what, when, and where.

TCB realizes that we cannot be in every business, yet. Our new UBS system has been created team in which a deal is done every three minutes in an hour, every hour per day, every day per week. Let us pay you cash for assisting in the operation of this system.

The liquidation industry has created four or five giant on-site liquidation companies throughout the country who control thousands with GOB sales yearly. TCB realizes that there are thousands of customers who need the fixtures from these sales at different points in time. The TCB UBS system has linked our customer base with dealers around the country who have surplus fixtures with a need to find buyers. The UBS system can make your experiences as an onsite liquidator earn you cash dollars in your local area by knowing who needs hot items or has hot items.

The UBS system will earn your respect by equally paying you for your time. As experience is your best teacher you have found in this industry that information is very closely guarded. With the UBS System you will become a part of a closely knit industry of people exactly like yourself in which you truly rely upon there word and count on the information being accurate.

The UBS System will become your information source that you can manipulate at will to get the correct answers to any sort of logistic or fixture question from restaurant equipment to Lozier.

The UBS System will work at exactly the same pace that you keep.

Utilizing a pre-planned method TCB will disseminate all leads in a discreet and professional manner.

Last year TCB paid out over a half million dollars, were you a part of that fortune?

Trading information into cash is what being an agent with TCB is all about.
TCB is ready to pay you the cash.